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Using The Online Catalog

With the Online Catalog, you can find books, DVDs, audiobooks and eBooks - lots of things! You can make requests for things and also take care of your own library account. Read these help tips to find the answer to most of your questions.

Help Topics

Searching the Online Catalog  |  Holds  |  Renewing Materials  |  Your Online Account  |  The My Lists Page  |  SMS Messaging

Searching the Online Catalog
The Online Catalog: The Basic Search Screen
The Online Catalog: Basic Search Tips
Basic Search Tips cheat sheet (PDF - Right Click to Save)
What do I do if there are no results for my search?
What does "sort by relevance" mean?
Troubleshooting the "Stay logged in" feature of the catalog

Browsing the Online Catalog
How to Browse the Catalog
How to Place Holds
Suspending, Activating, and Cancelling Holds
Advanced Hold Options
Group Formats and Editions

Renewing Materials
Renewing Materials through the online catalog

Your Online Account
How do I get an Online Account?
Logging in to Your Account
Forgot your password?
The My Account page
Account Preferences -- Personal Information
Account Preferences -- Notification Preferences
Account Preferences -- Search & History
What if I can't get into My Account?
Why Don't I Get Email Notices?

The My Lists Page
The My Lists Page
Creating a List
Seeing Your List in the Catalog
Setting a Default List
Adding to an Existing List
The Temporary List
Moving Items from a Temporary List
Actions for Items on Your Lists
Sorting Items on Your Lists
Adding a Note to a List Item
Deleting an item from a list
Deleting a List
Downloading a CSV file
Sharing Your List

SMS Messaging

Sending yourself a text message from the online catalog



Text Messaging in the Online Catalog

C/W MARS introduced two new features on Monday, February 3 in the online catalog:
  • Text call number to phone --  This allows patrons or staff from the OPAC to text a call number to a cell phone.  When viewing an individual record, patrons can click on the link labeled “text” which will take them to a form to enter a cell phone and receive a text with call number and location information for the individual copy.  
  • Text Notices for Holds Pickup  -- Patrons can now opt to receive a text message when their hold is ready for pickup.  When placing a hold, the patron can choose to enter a cell phone number and when their hold becomes available, they will receive a text message.
Please be aware that standard text charges will apply.