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Logging into Your Account

You get to the log in page in the online catalog one of two ways:

First, from any catalog screen, click on the "Log into My Account" button in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

Second, you can go directly to the log in page with this URL:

(The https at the beginning of the URL means that the communication between your browser and the web server is encrypted. This is for security and privacy purposes.)

When the login page is displayed, you will see two boxes in the center of the screen for entering your user name and password.

Enter your barcode (your library card number), without spaces, in the text box. The barcode that appears on the back of your library card or on your mini-card has spaces in it. To log into the online catalog, you don't need any of those spaces.

You may have chosen a user name for the online catalog (either through your online account or with the help of your local library staff). You should enter that instead of your library card number.

If you make a mistake in either place, you will get this error message

Login failed. The username or password provided was not valid. Ensure Caps-Lock is off and try again or contact your local library.

and you must try again.

Stay logged in?

If you check the checkbox next to the words "Stay logged in?", you will be kept logged in for up to two weeks, unless you log out.

NOTE: "Stay logged in" may not work if you use your web browser in a private mode or if you have your web browser set to clear all your history and cookies when you close it.

NOTE: If you use a computer that is used by more than one person, checking "Stay logged in?" may give other people access to your account. Be aware of this and keep your information safe.