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Actions for Items on Your List

There are two actions that you can perform for any item that you have added to a list you created. You can place a hold on an item or you can remove it from the list.

These actions can be found in the dropdown list on the right side of your list.

In order to use either of these choices, you must check the checkbox next to the title that you want to take an action on. After checking the checkbox, choose the action from the dropdown, then click the Go button.


1. You may check the checkboxes next to as many items on your list as you like. The action will be performed for all of them. This means, for example, that you can place multiple holds at once or remove multiple items from the list at once.

2. When you place holds from the My Lists view, you will have to go to the Holds tab to see the holds that you've placed. Nothing shows up in the My Lists view.


Deleting an Item from a List

There may come a time when you want to remove an item that you've added to a list. There are many reasons why you might want to do this. In this example, we have accidentally added a Mark Twain title to our Brother Cadfael list and we want to remove it. You can see the Mark Twain title at the top of the list.

To remove the Mark Twain title from this list, we check the checkbox next to it, choose "Remove from list"  from the dropdown on the right side and then click the Go button. The item will be removed.


If you remove an item from your list by accident, you will have to search for it again and add it again to the list.


Sorting Items on Your Lists

When you add items to a list you have created, they are listed in the order that you added them. You can, however, change the order by sorting the list.

You have a number of options for sorting your list (as seen in the picture below).  You can Sort by Title (A to Z or Z to A), Sort by Author (your list might have works by more than one author and you can sort them A to Z or Z to A), Sort by Publication Date (Newest to Oldest or Oldest to Newest), and Sort by Popularity.

You choose how you want to sort the list and then click the Sort button.


1. In sorting by title, initial words like "A" or "An" or "The" are ignored.

2. Sorting by publication date only sorts based on the items in your list. If you haven't chosen a first edition of an early work, a reprint of an early work will appear later in the list than its actual original chronological publication date.


Adding a Note to a List Item

Adding a note to a list item involves three steps:

1. Click on the "Edit" link next to the word Notes.

2. Type your note in the text box on the line where the item is.

3. Click the Save Notes button.

Here's an example, using the Brother Cadfael list previously created:

On the My Lists page, we see the Brother Cadfael list.

To expand the list, click on the name of the list (in this case, Brother Cadfael) Now we see the items that have been added to the list.

On the line above the titles, you see Title, Author(s), Local Call Number, Publication Date, Format, Notes|Edit. We'll click on EDIT.

Text boxes will now appear in the Notes column. You will also see a "Save Notes" button under the titles, as in the picture below.

For this example, we'll type "This is the first book in the series" in the text box on the line with the item "A morbid taste for bones" and then click the Save Notes button. This is what we will then see:


1. You can add notes to multiple items at the same time. Just add all the notes you want and then click the Save Notes button.

2. You delete notes by click on the EDIT link and then deleting the text from the text box from the note you want to remove.


Adding to an Existing List

First, be sure that you are logged into your online account in the catalog.

Adding to an existing list means adding items to a list that you have already created. In order to add items, you have to have a list to add them to.

In this example, we are going to add an item to a Brother Cadfael list that we previously created.

1. Log into your account.

2. If you have not created the list you want to work with, create it.  (See Creating a List if you don't know how to do this.)

3. Once you have your list created, search the catalog for an item that you would like to add to the list.

4. When you have found your item in the search returns, move your cursor over the Add to My List link at the right hand side. In this example, we see the Brother Cadfael list in the dropdown.

You will, naturally, see the name of whatever list you have already created.

5. To add the item to the list, click on the list name. In this example, we would click on the words Brother Cadfael.

The item is now added to the list.

If you go to the My Lists screen, either by clicking on See All from the dropdown or clicking on the My Account button and the My Lists tab, you will see that your item has been added to your list.


Deleting a List

Deleting a list is simple and straightforward.

After logging into your account, click on the My Lists tab to bring up your lists. You might see, for example, the Brother Cadfael list that you created.

To delete the list, click on the Delete List button. This action deletes the list and all its contents immediately. There is no recovery from deleting a list. Once it's gone, it's gone. Use the Delete List button only when you're sure that you want to get rid of a list.


Seeing your list in the catalog

When you do a search in the catalog and get results, on the right hand size of each result, you'll see this:

You click the first link to start the process of placing a hold.

You click "Reviews & More" to see reviews and summaries related to the item.

If you move your mouse cursor over "Add to my list", you see a popup menu of lists. It looks like this:

If you had created any lists prior to this, they would also be listed here.

The "Temporary List" is described in its own help document.

If you click "See All", you will be taken to your My Lists page.

If you click "Add to new list", you will be taken to your My Lists page to create the list. Nothing will be added. You will create the list and then come back to add items.


On a previous page, we created a Brother Cadfael list. If you were logged into the account with the Brother Cadfael list, the dropdown would look like this by default:

This makes it easy to add items directly from the catalog to the Brother Cadfael list.

You can make as many lists as you want. The more lists you create, the longer this dropdown menu will become.


Creating a List

After you log into your account and click on the "My Lists" tab, you see a screen that looks like this:

To create a new list:

1. Type the name of your list in the box labeled "Enter the name of the new list".

2. Enter a description of your new list.

3. Click the Submit button.

You will now see your new list under "My Existing Lists".

Note: When you first create your list, it will be empty (that is, there won't be anything listed in your list). 


If we created a "Brother Cadfael" list and we added Brother Cadfael mysteries to it, it might look like this:

Note how Brother Cadfael is in bold and underline. The list name is a clickable link. If you click on the list name, you will see an expanded view. At the moment, there are no items in this list.


The My Lists page

After you log into your account, in the center of the screen you will see a line of tabs. The "My Lists" tab is the last tab on the right. Click on the My Lists tab.


Below, you see the My Lists screen. The screen is made up of two parts: the section where you can create a new list, and the section that shows you the lists you have already created. In the picture, no lists have been created yet and so the space under "My Existing Lists" is blank.



Suspending, Activating, or Cancelling Holds

When you log in to your online account and look at the items that you have on hold, there are three things that you actions that you can choose to carry out on your holds. You can Suspend a hold, Activate a hold, or Cancel a hold.

These three choices appear in the dropdown box above the list of your holds on the Items On Hold page in your account.

Suspending a hold means that you would like the system not to fill the hold for the moment. A record of your hold will be kept indefinitely in the system while it is suspended. No attempt, however, will be made to fill the hold. A typical use of suspending a hold is to insure that items will not show up while you are away from home on vacation.

Activating a hold means that you would like the system to fill your hold as soon as possible. When you place a hold, the hold is automatically active. If you have suspended a hold but now would like to receive the item, you would need to activate the suspended hold.

Cancelling a hold means that you no longer want the item and you would like the hold request removed. When you cancel a hold, the hold will disappear from your display. If you have chosen the option Keep History of Holds from the Account Preferences > Search and History Preferences page, your cancelled holds will display.

To carry out any of these actions related to a hold, follow these steps:

1. Check the checkbox next to the item or items. The checkbox is at the beginning of each line item in your holds screen.

2. Choose the action from the dropdown list above the list of your holds. Choose Suspend, Activate or Cancel, depending on what you want to do.

3. Click the Go button.