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Browsing the Catalog

One of the latest feature added to our online catalog is the ability to Browse catalog items. You can see the link to Browse the Catalog on both the Basic and Advanced search screens.

Clicking on Browse the Catalog brings you to the catalog browse window.

Under the dropdown -- Browse for -- you can choose from Subject, Titles, Authors or Series.

Let's look at an example: Here we're going to browse for the Subject starting with sports.

After typing "sports" into the starting with text box, we click on the Browse button.  We get these results: (This is only an example screenshot - your results may look a little different.)

Clicking on any item in the list brings you either to a single item (if the number after the listed item is 1) or to a longer list of search returns.

The number in parenthesis after each line shows how many items were found for that particular subject. When you see the words "At least", this means there may actually be more than that number.

You can use the Back and Next buttons to move forward and backward in the browse list.