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The Temporary List

The Temporary List is just that, a temporary place to put items while you're searching.

The Temporary List appears at the top of the dropdown list when you move your cursor over the "Add to my list" link to the right of an item that you've searched for in the catalog. Here, you see the Temporary List above the Brother Cadfael list that we've been using for many examples.

Important: If you add items to the Temporary List and do not move those items to another saved list that you created, everything on the list will disappear when you log out or close your web browser.

When you add an item to the Temporary List, you will see a warning page.

If you do not wish to see the warning every time you add an item to the Temporary List, you can check the checkbox next to "Do not show this warning again." You can do this and you won't see a warning again. The first time you forget and log out or close your browser without saving the items in the Temporary List - and you lose them all - you may wish you had left this warning on.

In any event, click the OK button to continue. The item will be added to the Temporary List.

You may add as many items as you like to the Temporary List.