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Sorting Items on Your Lists

When you add items to a list you have created, they are listed in the order that you added them. You can, however, change the order by sorting the list.

You have a number of options for sorting your list (as seen in the picture below).  You can Sort by Title (A to Z or Z to A), Sort by Author (your list might have works by more than one author and you can sort them A to Z or Z to A), Sort by Publication Date (Newest to Oldest or Oldest to Newest), and Sort by Popularity.

You choose how you want to sort the list and then click the Sort button.


1. In sorting by title, initial words like "A" or "An" or "The" are ignored.

2. Sorting by publication date only sorts based on the items in your list. If you haven't chosen a first edition of an early work, a reprint of an early work will appear later in the list than its actual original chronological publication date.