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Sharing Your List

An interesting thing that you can do with My Lists is to share with others a list you have created. Here is a picture of the Brother Cadfael list that we created before:

Notice the Share button. 

If we want to share the list we've created with others, we click the Share button. Now the display changes. At the right hand side, we see a link to "HTML view".

Clicking on the HTMLView link will take you to your list as seen in the catalog.

In your browser's navigation bar, copy the entire URL. Paste it into a text file on your computer. This is the link to your list that you can send your friends.


1. The title and description of your list will appear just as you entered it when you created the list. You can go back and change the title and description of the list, if you like, and your changes will be reflected immediately.

2. To stop sharing a list, click on the Hide button next to the list title in My Lists. Your list will no longer be visible.