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Setting a Default List

The Default List is the list name that appears first in the list dropdown menu in the catalog when you move your cursor over the "Add to my list" link. The Temporary List always shows up first, followed by all your other lists in alphabetical order. For illustration, we have created a number of lists so that you can see how that looks in a dropdown.

As you see, there are a number of lists available in this example and the Brother Cadfael list is the fifth one down.

A default list is useful because it appears ahead of all other lists in the dropdown. If you have no default list, all your lists will be presented in alphabetical order. If you are working with one particular list a lot, you may want that list to appear at the top and be the new default list. In this example, we want to make the Brother Cadfael list be the default list.

Click on See All to get to your My Lists page or click on My Account and then My Lists.

Under My Existing Lists, we see Brother Cadfael. To make the Brother Cadfael list the default list, we would click on the "Make Default List" button on the right.

The button on the right will now change and read "Remove Default List". If we ever wanted to stop having Brother Cadfael as our default list, we would click this button.

Now, when we search the catalog and move our mouse cursor over the Add to My List link, we see that Brother Cadfael appears just under Temporary List at the top of the list.

Now it is easier and quicker to add things to the Brother Cadfael list.

You can remove a list as default by going to the My Lists page and clicking the Remove Default List button. All the lists will be displayed in alphabetical order again. You can also remove one list as the default and set a different one to be the default.