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Sending yourself a text message from the online catalog

A feature of the online catalog is the ability to send a text message to your mobile device.

First, do a search. For this example, we searched for "brother cadfael". In the search returns, this item showed up:

To see the record, we click on the title "The sanctuary sparrow" or the picture. The following screen is displayed to us:

In the colored bar underneath "The Sanctuary Sparrow" picture, we see Text to Phone. In the column, under this, we see an underlined "Text" link. Clicking on this link, we see:

From the "Mobile carrier" dropdown, choose the carrier for your mobile phone.

In the "Mobile number" textbox, enter your telephone number, without spaces or dashes.

Click the "Submit" button and the text message will be sent to your mobile phone.

Click your browser's "Back" button to return to the item record.


1. If you choose the wrong mobile carrier from the Mobile carrier dropdown list, you will not receive a message, even if you enter your telephone number correctly.

2. If you are logged into your account when you go to this screen and if you have a default mobile carrier  and phone number listed in your listed in your account,  the mobile carrier and number specified in your library account should pre-populate the dropdown box and the Mobile number box.