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Seeing your list in the catalog

When you do a search in the catalog and get results, on the right hand size of each result, you'll see this:

You click the first link to start the process of placing a hold.

You click "Reviews & More" to see reviews and summaries related to the item.

If you move your mouse cursor over "Add to my list", you see a popup menu of lists. It looks like this:

If you had created any lists prior to this, they would also be listed here.

The "Temporary List" is described in its own help document.

If you click "See All", you will be taken to your My Lists page.

If you click "Add to new list", you will be taken to your My Lists page to create the list. Nothing will be added. You will create the list and then come back to add items.


On a previous page, we created a Brother Cadfael list. If you were logged into the account with the Brother Cadfael list, the dropdown would look like this by default:

This makes it easy to add items directly from the catalog to the Brother Cadfael list.

You can make as many lists as you want. The more lists you create, the longer this dropdown menu will become.