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Moving Items from a Temporary List

Once you have added items to a Temporary List, you may wish to save these items more permanently to one or more other lists.

The other lists must exist before you can move items to them from the Temporary List.

For this example, we have created three lists named Kids' Stories, Lovecraft, and Sherlock Holmes.

We search for items and add them to the Temporary List using the dropdown from the Add to  my list link in the catalog.

After adding ten different items to the Temporary List, this is what the Temporary List looks like:

We've added titles to the Temporary List that fall into three separate areas: scary stories by H.P. Lovecraft, children's stories, and Sherlock Holmes. We want to move all the titles of each type into their own lists.

We check the checkboxes next to all the Lovecraft-related items, choose the Lovecraft list from the "Actions for these items" dropdown, and click the Go button.

The items that we chose will now disappear from the Temporary List and be saved in the Lovecraft list. We can then follow the same procedure to move the Sherlock Holmes items to the Sherlock Holmes list and the children's items to the Kid's stories list.


The Temporary List disappears when you log out or when you close your web browser. If you do not move items from the Temporary List to an existing list, they will disappear, too, and you'll have to search for them all over again.