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Making a Purchase Suggestion

Library staff do their best to develop collections to serve the interests of their community. They may, however, miss that one item you would really like to get. In cases like this, you should feel free to make purchase suggestions to your library.

Suggestions for new purchases for your library must be made directly to your library.

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Library staff welcome suggestions from you, their patron, for materials not owned by the library.

Each library may have its own procedure for accepting suggestions for new purchases. Sometimes it will be enough to tell library staff your suggestion. Sometimes the library will have a special form for you to fill out. Check with your local library to find out their procedure. The library may also have a procedure for contacting you about a purchase decision.

While all suggestions are welcome, making a suggestion does not necessarily mean that the library will buy what you've suggested. Libraries have to work within the constraints of their budgets, their established purchasing channels, and library policies on what types of materials can be purchased. For example, an e-book might not be available to libraries through OverDrive, or public libraries typically do not buy textbooks, or the library might only purchase materials that have received reviews in library journals or other known review sources.

Also, if the library decides to puchase the material, this will not automatically place it on hold for you. You'll have to check the library catalog periodically.

If you have questions about your library's purchase policies, contact the library directly.