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How do I get an Online Account?

When you are issued your library card, an online account is automatically created. There is no extra sign up needed.

The technical name for the online catalog is Online Public Access Catalog or OPAC for short. When a library staff member  sets up your library account for you and issues you a library card, a part of the computer screen that s/he uses has a place to enter "OPAC User Name". This will be the user name that you will enter on the OPAC log in screen.

Typically, this user name is initially set to be your library card number. If you find it difficult to remember your library card number, you can ask the staff to change this user name to something you can remember more easily. Once you have successfully logged in to the online catalog, you can also change your user name  by yourself whenever you want.

Only library staff can create new library accounts and issue library cards. Individuals cannot create library accounts for themselves.