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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register for a library card or renew my library card online?

You cannot register or renew your library card online. To apply for a library card, you must go to the library in person. Member libraries may have specific rules for applying for a library card. Contact your local CW MARS library for further information.

Can I renew my books online?

Yes. In order to renew materials you have checked out, you must log in to your account. Under the Items Checked Out tab, you can select the items you wish to renew and renew them.

Note: there are limited renewals available on items. If you have reached the limit of allowed renewals, you cannot renew the items yourself online. You must contact your library.

Help on renewing items through the online catalog

Can I request books online, to be delivered to my home library?

Registered CW MARS library patrons can place requests for books and other library materials through the online catalog, to be delivered to a local member library for pickup. To request an item, click the Place Hold link when viewing the record for the item, then follow the on-screen instructions. If you need further assistance, please contact your local librarian.

Help on Placing Holds.

Can I contact CW MARS directly?

Please contact the staff at your local CW MARS member library if you have additional questions about CW MARS or the services available to you via your library's membership in CW MARS.

How do I create an online account?

Your online account is automatically created when you get your library card. 

Your online account is directly connected to your library account. Check with your local library to make sure that your account contains a valid email address. If you have any questions about your account, please contact your local library.

How do I renew my account?

Library cards expire every two years. At this time, you must visit the library that issued your card to allow staff to validate your information.  Most libraries require that you visit in person. However, some will verify your account over the phone. It depends on the library's policy.  For your convenience, here is a link to information for all our members:

How do I log into My Account

To log into your account:

  1. Go to the login page in the online catalog.
  2. Enter the barcode that appears on the back of your CW MARS library card in the username field. (Typically, your barcode will also be your "user name". You can ask your library to change it for you or you can change it yourself once you've logged in.)
  3. Enter your password in the password field. (If you don't remember your password, your local librarian can reset it for you.)
  4. Click on the "Log in" button located below the username and password fields.

If you are unsuccessful after following these instructions, click on the link “Forgot your password?” to the right of the “Log In” button. Follow the instructions on this page. An email will be sent to the email address that we have on record for you. If you do not receive email in response to your reset request, please consider each of the following before contacting a staff member at your local CW MARS library:

  • You have not made a trusted domain on your computer. In this case, the email may be going directly to your spam folder.
  • Your computer security software (your firewall) is blocking the email.
  • You are checking a different email mailbox than the one that is listed in your account.

If you still are unable to access your patron account, please feel free to contact a staff member at your local library. For your convenience, here is a link to the contact information for all of our member libraries:

CW MARS member libraries

Here is a cheat sheet on How to Log into Your Account .

Help! I can't log into My Account

The follow is a list of common reasons why you might not be able to log into your account successfully and what 
to do about each of them. 
  • Mis-typed or incorrect username or password 
Be sure that your Caps Lock key is off. 
Re-enter your username and password. 
  • Expired Account
Your library card has an expiration date. If you don’t know it, you can get it from your local librarian. Sometimes a library card expires and the patron is not aware of it. 
  • Computer settings prevent access
Sometimes the internet security settings on a patron’s desktop or laptop computer will prevent successful 
login. Adding to a list of trusted sites will solve this problem. 
  • Computer firewall settings preventing access
Sometimes the firewall settings on a patron’s computer will block successful login. The solution to this will 
vary, depending on which firewall is installed and operating. 
  • Password error
Occasionally, a patron’s password in incorrectly changed at the local library. This can be remedied by contacting the local library. 
  • Attempting to log in at the wrong web site
CW MARS moved to Evergreen a few years ago. A patron may have bookmarked the old, nonEvergreen catalog and may inadvertently try to log in there. The correct catalog address is:
  • 7. Incorrect barcode number
Under the old library system, many patrons had multiple library cards. Under the new system, these cards 
have been combined and one of the numbers made the primary number. The others are usually inactive. Inactive card numbers cannot be used to log in. Contact your local library for the active card number. 
  • 8. Patron Account blocked or barred

Patron accounts can become blocked or barred for a variety of reasons. This can be resolved at the local libraries.

I'm being charged late fines but I know I returned the item

Contact your local library for assistance in resolving this issue.

Fines are still showing on my account even though the librarian told me they were waived

Corrections to your borrowing record must be made by contacting your local library.  For your convenience, here is a link for contact information for all our members libraries:

CW MARS member libraries

The library says I have something out but I know I don't.

Resolution of this issue is between you and your local library. 

How do I submit a purchase request for a book?

CW MARS charter is to facilitate the sharing of resources among its' members.  As such, we do not perform acquisition of materials.  This is done by each individual member library. You are best to make your request through your local member library.  Many members have websites that may provide a means to make a request. At the very least, the website may have staff email addresses through which you may submit your request.

For your convenience, here is a link to information (including websites) for all our members:

CW MARS member libraries

I want to offer a program at the library. Are you the right people to contact?

CW MARS is chartered to facilitate online resource sharing among our member libraries. We are not involved in local programming offered by our member libraries.  Please contact the library directly.  You can access a list with contact info for our members at 

CW MARS member libraries

How do I volunteer at a library?

CW MARS is chartered to facilitate online resource sharing among our member libraries.  We do not coordinate many of the day-to-day activities involved in library administration.  That said, libraries are always very happy to have generous people like yourself volunteer to come forward to help.  For this reason, we encourage you to peruse our list of member libraries at CW MARS member libraries.  Here you will find contact information for each individual library that would most likely be delighted to talk to you.  Through this list, you also have the capability to click through to the individual website of the individual library location that you're interested in. Often times, there could be explicit information for volunteer opportunities.  If not, feel free to contact the Director or any available staff member with the telephone numbers given.

Where do I send feedback about the library system?

All comments, feedback, and suggestions about the library system should be directed to  your local library.