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Downloading a CSV File

"CSV" stands for "comma separate value". A CSV file is a file that contains all the data from your list, each bit of data is separated by a comma.

The raw data for a CSV file of the Brother Cadfael list would look like this:

An excellent mystery /,"Peters, Ellis,",1997.,Books,
Dead man's ransom /,"Peters, Ellis,","1997, c1994.",Books,
The virgin in the ice /,"Peters, Ellis,","1995, c1982.",Books,
A morbid taste for bones /,"Peters, Ellis,","[1994], c1977.",Books,This is the first book in the series.,
One corpse too many /,"Peters, Ellis,","[1994], c1979.",Books,
A rare benedictine :the advent of Brother Cadfael /,"Peters, Ellis,","1991, c1988.",Books,

The data includes the titles, the authors, the publication date, the type, and a note that was added to one of the items in the list.

CSV files can be opened directly with programs like Microsoft Office Excel and Calc. These files can be useful if you want to save your lists offline, keep them in a spreadsheet, or add other data that can't be added in the My List interface.

In the controls for every list is a Download CSV button. To download a CSV file of a list, click this button and your CSV file will be saved locally to your computer.


1. If you have a number of lists, you must download each of them individually but clicking their Download CSV button.

2. There is no way to upload lists to your account.