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Advanced Hold Options

Before you begin: This document describes the Advanced Hold Options link and what it does. If you have checked the Group Formats and Editions checkbox at the top of your search returns, you will be taken directly to the Advanced Hold Options screen without having to click an Advanced Hold Options link. See the Group Formats and Editions help document.


When you place a hold on an item you will see a link to Advanced Hold Options underneath the item's title. In the picture below, we are on the Place Hold screen, placing a hold on a book, Gone with the wind.

Clicking on the Advanced Hold Options link under the title brings up some additional options to choose from related to the hold. The picture below shows the two option boxes that will appear on the page: format and language.

Many items in the catalog are available in more than one format and more than one language. You will see two boxes: one for available formats and one for available languages. (If there is only one selection listed in either box, that means there is only one format or one language to choose from.)

If you move your mouse pointer over the words More Information, you will see a small pop-up box with some of the information from the document you're reading right now.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Selecting more than one format or more than one language is not the same as placing a hold on more than item. You are only placing one hold on one title and that hold will be filled by the first item available in any of the formats or languages you have chosen.

This can be useful. For example, suppose you want to read Gone with the Wind in print but you don't care if it's large print or regular print. You can select Book AND Large Print Book. Whichever one of these is available first, will fill your hold.

If you wanted to place holds on more than one Gone with the Wind title, you have to place each hold individually from the search results.

After you have made your selections, click the Submit button near the bottom of the page and your hold request will be processed as usual.

Operating System Note: The keyboard key and mouse click combination for selecting more than one option from a list varies depending on which operating system you are using. For instance, on Microsoft Windows systems, Ctrl+Left Click allows you to select more than one option.