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Adding a Note to a List Item

Adding a note to a list item involves three steps:

1. Click on the "Edit" link next to the word Notes.

2. Type your note in the text box on the line where the item is.

3. Click the Save Notes button.

Here's an example, using the Brother Cadfael list previously created:

On the My Lists page, we see the Brother Cadfael list.

To expand the list, click on the name of the list (in this case, Brother Cadfael) Now we see the items that have been added to the list.

On the line above the titles, you see Title, Author(s), Local Call Number, Publication Date, Format, Notes|Edit. We'll click on EDIT.

Text boxes will now appear in the Notes column. You will also see a "Save Notes" button under the titles, as in the picture below.

For this example, we'll type "This is the first book in the series" in the text box on the line with the item "A morbid taste for bones" and then click the Save Notes button. This is what we will then see:


1. You can add notes to multiple items at the same time. Just add all the notes you want and then click the Save Notes button.

2. You delete notes by click on the EDIT link and then deleting the text from the text box from the note you want to remove.