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Actions for Items on Your List

There are two actions that you can perform for any item that you have added to a list you created. You can place a hold on an item or you can remove it from the list.

These actions can be found in the dropdown list on the right side of your list.

In order to use either of these choices, you must check the checkbox next to the title that you want to take an action on. After checking the checkbox, choose the action from the dropdown, then click the Go button.


1. You may check the checkboxes next to as many items on your list as you like. The action will be performed for all of them. This means, for example, that you can place multiple holds at once or remove multiple items from the list at once.

2. When you place holds from the My Lists view, you will have to go to the Holds tab to see the holds that you've placed. Nothing shows up in the My Lists view.