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Account Preferences - Notification Preferences

Click on the Account Preferences tab. The middle tab under the Account Preferences tab is Notification Preferences. Click on the Notification Preferences tab. Under this tab, you will set up how you would like to be contacted.

You can be notified by email, by telephone and by text message. To select any or all of these options, check the checkbox next to the notification type. Your default phone number will either be the one already in your account or a new one that you enter here. If you choose to be notified by text message, be sure to select the correct mobile phone carrier from the dropdown list and enter your mobile number correctly.

Click Save to save your preferences.

Note: You may see that some of the checkboxes are already checked. Notifcation by Email is set by default when you set up your library account at the library. If the box is not checked, you can check it. The email will go to the email address shown under the Personal Information tab. Be sure that the email address under Personal Information is correct.

Note: You may check "Notify by Phone" but, if your library does not have the policy of telephoning patrons to give notifications, you will not receive a telephone call.

Note: If you select to be notified by text message and you choose the wrong mobile carrier, you will not receive a text message. Be sure to enter all ten digits of your telephone number with no spaces and no dashes between the number groups.